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Earth Science: Geologic Time

2nd Period

1 2       3                
  6                         7
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  21   22                  

2.Principle that states the oldest rocks are on the bottom layer
6.Indirect evidence of life; foot print
9.Hundreds of Thousands Years Ago;Comes after Period
14.They were around for a few thousand years
16.Remains of previous life forms preserved in sedimentary rock
18.We live in this period today
20.Hard and Soft Parts
21.Period of time when the first life forms appeared
1.The oldest rocks are on the_____________________layer.
3.Measures half-life
4.Matching of rock layers in two different areas
5.The time it takes for half of an element to decay
7.Gaps in rock layers
8.Original remain filled with minerals/sediments
10.Period of time when the first complex life forms appeared
11.Fossils found in Virginia
12.Gives exact ages of rocks and fossils
13.Finding the age of rocks by looking at their position in a layer
17.The dinosaur Era
19.Hundreds of Millions Years Ago; Comes after Eon
22.Change when there has been a mass extinction of life

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