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By: Sofia Ramirez

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1.I'm in a lot of foods and if you have to many of me it is unhealthy. I not in water.
4.I am found in red meat and beans. I am a food group.
6.I can dissolve in water. I change the way chemicals in your large intestine are absorbed.
12.I am the process in which food is broken so it can be digested easily. A good example for me is mastication.
13.I am the breakdown of food. My first step is mastication.
15.I occur after food is digested. I occur in the small intestine.
16.I help breakdown the food in your stomach. I help food digest.
17.I am naturally occur. I can come in the form of a rock.
2.I am an acid. I can be used as an additive for animal feed.
3.I am the process in which food I chemically broken down. I absorb nutrients in process too.
5.I come in many forms. I am in veggies and fruits one type of me is potassium.
7.If you eat a food with a lot of starch I am there. I am an organic compound.
8.I am in almost all foods. Plants produce me in photosynthesis.
9.You can get a heart attack because of me. I block your arterys.
10.If you have a lot of me you are obese. I am composed of lipids.
11.I am found in the contraction of smooth muscles. I help move food through the digestive system.
14.I come in many different forms. I can come from the sun.

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