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Colonization And American Revolution

brandon frazier

1 2 3
  4                     5  
      6 7  
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      21     22 23      

4.rules tat you have to follow
8.helped translate the yamocraw indains and orgethorpe
9.punishment for the bosten tea party
10.a legal document that grants specal rights and privalges
12.colony governed by whom the conlony chater was governed
13.person that holds responsibitys on behalf of others
15.when you amend the onstituton
17.selling and trading somthing
20.colony directly governed by the king
24.result of disput between british and french
25.military action to capture a fort or town
26.group of people who settle in a new land but who keep there ties to there homeland
27.people in the colony that are not loyal to the king
28.people in the colony that are loyal to the king
29.a citizen army
1.tax on all printed or paper itoms
2.meeting to revise the articals or independence
3.document that told of seperating from britan
5.spanish explore that explored georgia in serch of gold
6.established the colony of georgia
7.mixed solider that fought in the war and got wonded that wanted his diserved land
11.forbade colonies to settle west of the application mountains
14.yamocraw leader that gave orgethorpe the land
16.governor of georgia from 1757
18.governor of georgia from 1754
19.group hired by orgrthorpe to help protect the colony
21.group of germons that were kicked out of germany
22.governor of georgia from 1760
23.new regulations that orgathorpe introduced

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