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1             2 3 4
    5 6 7                        
  9       10    
    11 12                
          13   14  
15                   16                
20                 21        
        22 23    
  27 28                          
30                     31
32         33            
  34             35          

1.the planet whose name means messenger
6.the storm that has been raging on jupiter for 3000 years
8.The gasses that make up stars
12.The first mission to jupiter
15.Cool patches of the sun
16.What makes us stick to the ground
17.An area with no air
18.the explosion of a dying star
20.Our galaxy
25.An eruption of hydrogen from the suns surface
28.The main atmosphere of venus
30.Large chunks of rock
33.The second mission to jupiter
34.The deep blue planet
35.What are comets made of
36.Particles in a nebula
37.A reusable space orbiter
1.small chunks of dust and rock
2.An Icy dwarf planet
3.the planet containing olympus mons
4.The attachments to space shuttles
5.A Large Collection of stars and planets
7.The Key element in the solar system
9.The planet which spins on a strange axis
10.a gas of the sun
11.where is NASAS new Horizons probe heading
13.The planet with large rings
14.the Phenomenon that powers the sun
19.the occurrences of solar radiation hitting the earths atmosphere
20.which planet has the smallest orbit
21.the name of the mission to the moon
22.a patch of gravity so strong no even light can escape
23.the greek meaning of comet
24.the belt separating mars from jupiter
26.What was the first living animal in space
27.one of saturn's most well known moons
29.the way an object moves around another
31.Huge dirty snowballs
32.the hottest planet

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