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Alexander Diego

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4.The seven major ______. Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.
7.When food is broken down into smaller pieces.This thing helps get rid of other food.
8.A type of monosaccharide obtained within plants and the energy source of many organisms. Cells use this through means of anaerobic respiration.
9.When these join together they become proteins. There are 22 types of this but our body can only make 13 of them.
12.An organism relies on this chemical to live and grow. There are 2 types of this chemical. These types include carbohydrates,fats, proteins, and vitamins.
13.Having a high level of this is not good.HDL and LDL, “good” and “bad” types.
15.Molecules,water, and minerals are __________ from the upper cavity of the small intestine.Then they are taken to other bloodstreams to be stored.
16.Either water-soluble or fat-soluble. A, D, E, K, B , and C, there are 13 of these.
17.This occurs when digestive enzymes work with water to break down nutrients so that cells can absorb them. This is used to get the nutrients from food so that the body can survive.
1.This word means heat. Used to express the total amount of energy in a food.
2.Almost every chemical reaction needs this. This is a catalyst.
3.This type of digestion first starts with mastication. This is used to break down food so that it can be processed.
5.Builds and repairs tissues in our body. Also builds cardiac muscle and makes up most of the immune system.
6.Muscles move in a wave-like way to keep food on the digestive tract. This is called___________.
10.An organic compound that is made up of carbon. hydrogen, and oxygen.This term is a synonym to saccharide and is divided into four chemical groupings. 2 of these groups are referred to as sugars.
11.This organ cleans out the intestines by moving the bowel. Soluble and insoluble types.
14.This compound can be solid or liquid.Saturated_____, unsaurated_____, and trans ______.

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