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Digestive System

Alexander Diego

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1.This allows air to pass into the larynx and lungs. It is located behind the tongue and in front of the larynx
5.The gland that produces saliva. These glands are innervated directly or indirectly.
7.The first part of the alimentary canal. The opening in the body which humans intake food.
8.This thing helps absorb food and is located in the small intestine. It only absorbs nutrients within a food.
9.This contains endocrine and exocrine glands. It is located behind the stomach and on the right of the abdomen.
10.A storage for feces and 12 cm long. This is the final portion of the large intestine.
11.Placed in the lower right abdomen and 4 inches long. A storehouse for bacteria.
12.This thing holds 13% of all the blood in a body.Also breaks down nutrients and drugs.
2.Colon,bowel this organ is the last step of the digestive system. This thing consist of the cecum, rectum, and anal canal.
3.Comes after the stomach and receives food from the pyloric sphincter. This organ aids in digestion.
4.8 inches long and connects the throat with the stomach. Goes behind the trachea and heart and in front of the stomach.
5.Rugae are muscle tissue within the _______. The pyloric sphincter allows food to pass from the __________ to the small intestine.
6.This organ stores bile,which helps digest fat. This is also non essential for the body.

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