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1969 History

Sarah Rosenhoover, Austin Glang, Mallory Hu

Do not add spaces to multiple word answers.

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1.The powerful tropical cyclonic system at landfall in history that hit the Mississippi coast (killed 248 people)
5.Stated that the U.S. expected its Asian allies to take care of their own military defense
6.First operational packet switching network invented by Advanced Research Projects Agency at the U.S. Department of Defense
8.Supreme Court case that stated, "The State may not prohibit mere possession of obscene materials for personal use."
9.Riots in NYC that iniciated the modern gay rights movement in the U.S.
12.Beatle's 11th album released; it remains their best-selling album to this day.
13.Music festival held in NYC that was annouced as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music"
14.President Kennedy's accused murderer who was sentenced to death
15.Nixon's plan for a secret bombing of Cambodia
16.Group of the Students Democratic Society that organized the "Days of Rage"
17.Popular American sitcom that centered around a large blended family of six children; aired September 26, 1969
18.Artificial sweeteners called cyclamates banned by the U.S. Federal government because of evidence of causing cancer
19.President who delivered speech on "Vietnamization" on November 3, 1969
20.Popular PBS children's show (with muppets) that debuted in 1969
2.Student antiwar movement in November 1969 wheret 300,000 people marched through Washington, DC, for 40 hours straight
3.President who was succeeded on January 20, 1969
4.34th president who died March 28, 1969
7.Mission where the first man landed on the moon
10.Winner of the 1969 World Series
11.U.S. Navy Aircraft carrier hit by explosion near Hawaii that killed 27 and injured 314

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