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Science Knowledge of Vocabulary

Mrs. Gonzales

Vocabulary words

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3.a narrow channel carved by runoff
6.water that has fallen to earth as rain, snow or sleet
8.lakes and streams are known as this
10.a rill widened by flowing water
11.the course along which water moves
13.the beginning of a stream where runoff has cut a channel
15.when soil is wearing away
16.a naturally flowing body of water
17.the point at which water from a stream discharges into another body of water
18.a stream that flows into a large stream, river or lake
1.a flowing body of water of considrable volume that forms when a tributaries converge
2.when water falls from a high point it creates this
4.when sand it put through a strainer
5.when material sinks to the bottom of a container
7.a deep,steep walled gorge carved in rock by the erosive action of streams
9.water that goes down the drain
12.when water seeps through layers of sand, gravel and other materials
14.a flat plain created by the deposition of sediment at the river's mouth

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