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Growth and Development

Part 2 - Haylee Zavarella

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1.The amount of blood that can be pumped from the heart in one minute.
4.The maximum force a muscle can exert in a single contraction.
5.Refers to how much of the body is made up of fat and how much is made up of muscles and bone.
6.The perception we have of ourselves.
9.The value we place on ourselves.
10.The amount of blood that is ejected from the heart each time it contracts.
2.The efficiency of the heart, lungs and vascular system.
3.As a child grows up the parents influence begins to fade away as the child’s ________ group becomes more important.
7.Defined as the range of motion about a joint or series of joints.
8.Their view on physical activity will be implanted in your brain at a young age.

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