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The Great Depression

8th Grade Social Studies

Directions: Complete the following puzzle using Great Depression key terms.

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1.These informal conversations, or ¨chats¨, with the public helped calm people down during the G.D. (2 Words)
6.Nickname for the day that the Stock Market crashed. (2 Words)
7.This president´s legs were disabled by polio.
8.This boxer was thought to be ¨washed up¨, with no fighting career left in him.
11.This period in American history occurred during the 1930´s. It was full of poverty, unemployment and suicide. (2 Words)
13.President in charge during the start of the Great Depression.
14.this was the biggest problem the country faced during the G.D.
16.The place where people buy, sell, and trade stock. (2 Words)
17.The first few months of Roosevelt´s presidency were called this. (2 Words)
20.Insulting nickname given to the shantytowns homeless people made using cardboard, tin, and other scrap materials.
21.This act protected labor union´s right to collective bargaining during the G.D. (2 Words)
2.This kind of plan let people pay for expensive products over a long period. (2 Words)
3.A time when too many people are selling stock, but very few are buying it.
4.This is the word for a long period in time where the economy is in terrible shape.
5.The paper certificate that proves you own a tiny part of a company.
9.This boxer fought so hard he ¨accidently¨ killed two men in the ring.
10.The name for buying stock using mostly credit from a bank.
12.Jim Braddock worked here during the Great Depression
15.This president focused on creating jobs to help people out of the Depression.
16.People got on this line to get hot food during the Great Depression.
18.This type of aid helps people by giving them the basics items they need right away. For example, food, water, ad money.
19.This ¨army¨ marched to Washington D.C. to protest the president.

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