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Tejal's GCSE Geography Revision Crossword

Tejal Tailor

The Restless Earth Challenge of Weather and Climate Water on the Land Population

1 2
4   5                  
  6 7  
      10 11              

3.Ways to stop children being born e.g. condoms
5.The temporary rise in sea levels due to extremely low pressure
9.Cutting down trees
11.Sediment deposited on the floodplain (silt)
12.The Earth's centre
13.The point in the Earth's crust directly above the focus
1.The flow of ash and mud after a volcanic eruption
2.A climate strongly influenced by the sea
4.Rocks that don't absorb water
6.The place where an immigrant lives
7.High, wispy, thin clouds
8.where 2 or more tributaries join together
10.Someone forced to leave their country

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