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World Religions

Mark Lambert

This puzzle covers Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Enjoy!

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4.the holy book of Christianity
5.The founder of Islam
6.The founder of Buddhism
8.The belief in many gods
11.the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
14.He received the Ten Commandments
16.the process of being reborn into a new life cycle
17.The second largest religion
18.The belief in one god
20.a Jewish teacher
21.The holy book of Islam (American spelling)
1.the state of enlightenment
2.the process of communion///changing into body and blood
3.The son of God, to Christians
7.The world's largest religion
9.Government run by religion
10.The third largest religion
12.The world's first monotheistic religion
13.What comes around/goes around: to a Buddhist
15.The most sacred city in Christianity
19.The most sacred city in Islam

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