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Chapter 4 Quiz #1 pages 100-110

1 2 3
    4 5              
  6       7
    10             11      
  14                   15        
17 18                    
        19               20

5.the destruction of muscle
8.the upward movement of the foot at the ankle
10.herniation of a muscle
12.raising (lifting) a body part
13.large circular motion at the far end of a limb
14.extending a body part beyond its normal range
17.the loss of muscle mass, strength, and function due to old age
19.ring-like muscle that closes an opening
22.the movement of a body part towards the midline of the body
23.muscle pain
24.palm side down (face down)
1.bending a joint (decreasing the angle)
2.without any muscle tone
3.low, diminished muscle tone
4.the rupture or tearing of a muscle
6.the downward movement of the foot at the ankle (2 words)
7.a band of fibrous tissue that constricts the movement of muscle or tissue
8.lowering a body part
9.increasing the angle between two bones
11.inflammation of a tendon
15.palm side up
16.inflammation of the fascia
18.the movement of a body part away from the midline of the body
20.a small circular motion around a joint
21.weakness or wasting or wearing away of muscle

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