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Air Pollution

Ayssa Peters

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2.A mixture of smoke and fog that causes health problems
4.When water droplets mix with chemicals and falls to the earth as rain (2 words)
7.Something that causes alot of air pollution in busy cities
9.Introduction of contaminants into the natural enviorment that causes change
11.Energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic waves
14.Something that is polluted by smoke, chemicals, and particles
15.An increase in earth's temperature caused by greenhouse gases (2 words)
17.Keeps ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth's surface
18.A heavy mineral oil used as fuel in diesel engines that creates pollution
19.Gases that absorb solar radiation and are resposible for the greenhoue effect (2words)
20.A fuel that is made from decaying plants and animals (2 words)
1.A colorless, odorless and flamable gas
3.The negative part of oxygen
5.A gas that damages the ozone layer
6.A government agency concerned with the environment and it's impact on human health (abbreviation)
8.A respiratory disease that can be caused by air pollution
10.Chemicals sprayed on plamts to keep the bugs away
12.Solid matter in the form of particles in the atmosphere
13.They release smoke that is not good for humans to breathe in
16.Used to contain CFC's but recently eliminated them

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