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General Knowledge

Ronald Knight

3           4 5
9 10 11                 12
15 16             17          
    18 19           20
21           22            

2.Zodiac symbolizing "a lion".
3.What is the smallest country in the world?
6.How many time zones that Chine has?
7.Which planet is known as Red planet?
10.The stand for "WC".
13.Which country gifted statue of liberty to USA?
16.A country in the top of Germany.
17.The oldest city in the world.
19.What is the national flower of Pakistan?
21.The first metal used by man was............?
22.Which country has the largest forest area in the world?
23.................Cameron (Prime Minister of UK).
1.What is the old name of Beijing?
3.Which is the hottest planet in solar system?
4.Which is the coldest plane in solar system?
5.............. Ocean (The deepest ocean).
8.What is the old name of Iran?
9.What do the cockroaches do every 15 minutes?
11.What is the oldest sports in the world?
12.Which country will host the 2016 Euro Cup?
14.Which is the smallest planet?
15.In which country Tennis originated?
18.What is the old name of Myanmar?
20.Which is the highest mountain in Europe?

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