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Hybrid Cars

Nicholas Kletzli and Nathaniel Holzer

A simple puzzle to test your knowledge on hybrid cars.

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4.The negative effect of gasoline.
5.What hybrids try to cut back on as a power source.
6.The power source for the electric motor and can be recharged from braking.
10.Quality of the fuel. (2 Words)
11.The main alternative fuel that is looked forward to in the future.
15.A famous Toyota hybrid model.
16.Hybrids that have the engine running all of the time. (2 Words)
18.What the hybrid uses as a secondary power source.
19.To exist for a long time without major deterioration.
20.The creator of the electric wagon in the 1600's. (2 Words)
1.A hybrid has two of these.
2.Means able to be used again.
3.What burns the gasoline fuel of a hybrid. (3 Words)
7.The first Honda hybrid introduced in America.
8.The relationship between mileage and fuel consumption. (2 Words)
9.A color that means something is good for the environment.
12.Can be used on its own when the hybrid is at a low speed. (2 Words)
13.Hybrids reduce these by not using as much gas.
14.A hybrid that can use only electric power when it wants to. (2 Words)
17.A car that uses two fuels. (2 Words)

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