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Mr V

Migration is where people, animals birds etc move from one country/place to another.What are some of the things we associate with that?

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4.People who have lost there homes.
6.To not have enough food you face _________________________.
8.Some people come here in order to go to __________________ and get a degree.
10.The lost boys of the ___________________.
12.Some people move to get a ___________ start.
14.Pepole that are forced to leave their country by ships are called __________ people.
1.To move from one place to the other.
2.People move to be close to their ____________________.
3.The place you travel to is your _________________________________.
5.Some people are forced out of their country by ________________.
7.To leave you country and move to another country.
9.People move to another country and _____________ down.
11.Lack of work means people move to find new __________.
13.Countries fighting with each other are said to be at ________.

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