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Water Pollution

Ahmed Alomari and Logan Ford

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4.a tank that is used to treat sewage, contains aerobic bacteria
8.water from sinks, dishwashers, showers, and tubs that can be reused for insanitary uses
16.Diseases caused by contaminated water
17.Water used by humans
18.When water is unusable due to contamination
19.Person who specializes in studying chemicals
20.Solid particles in water
1.Dissolved metals in water
2.Separating suspended solids that settled out as sludge
3.occurs after primary and secondary, contains more advanced physical, chemical, and biological treatments
5.Places in water where oxygen level is too low to live in the area
6.measure of water cloudiness, caused by sediments or plankton concentration
7.quality of water containing certain substances
9.Level of acidity in the water
10.biological treatment of water, removes biodegradable waste
11.excess in algal growth, caused by phosphorus and nitrogen, blocking light
12.Removing solids in the process of filtering the water
13.Shortage of water
14.oxygen dissolved in water, necessity for aquatic animals
15.Collects used water and leads it to treatment plants via underground pipes

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