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Water Pollution

Emily Smith and Polly Deely

This puzzle includes a few key words that often describe what water pollution is and how to stop it. fill in the crossword with the help of the hints at the bottom of the page, Good luck!

1                   2               3
4 5                  
  6     7
    8 9                      
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18                   19            

1.Kills 5,000,000 people a year
5.Precipitation that erodes wildlife
9.One of the most polluted rivers in the world that resides in India
12.Throwing trash into water sources
13.Clean out their gas tanks in the middle of the ocean
14.Don't leave this running while you brush your teeth!
16.Chokes animals to death
17.______have sewage spewing out into water sources
18.Cover animals in black goo
19.Contains harmful bacteria that harms sea life
20.Cleans homes waters
21.The estimated year coral reefs will go extinct
2.Animals on the brink of extinction
3.Are used to hold cans together but many animals mistake them for food
4.Marine animals often get _______ when they get caught in oil spills
6.Wash into rivers and harm surrounding wildlife
7.Are estimated to go extinct in 2050
8.The addition of harmful chemicals into water
10.Poisons animals
11.Coats animals in a thick black goo
15.The most affected type of animal species in the world

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