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Healthy Lifestyle Choices

John Oberst

1 2 3 4
7                   8
9 10               11    

5.A chemical or mixture of chemicals that is lethal to humans
6.When you see things that don't exist.
7.The need of a certain drug.
10.When your heart failed you (2 Words)
13.The Cancer of the lungs that can be caused by Tobacco. (2 Words)
14.The substance in Rum, Beer, Wine, etc.
15.You build up a ______________ for certain drugs
1.One of the biggest illegal drugs in the US.
2.The addicting element in Tobacco.
3.The abuse of a certain Substance (2 Words)
4.A chemical in cigerattes and has Nicotine in it.
8.When the body goes without a substance for a while.
9.This type of drug makes the body speed up.
11.when someone rely's on a substance
12.A medical substance that was designed for medical purposes.

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