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Plastic Recycling

Luke Rosato Vinny Caruso

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1.reduces the amount of waste in the landfills
6.plastic bags kill millions of marine ____ every year.
7.____ have given shoppers an incentive to recycle plastic bag
8.the ___ ocean is the largest dumping site in the world
12.states such as __ have banned plastic bags in grocery stores.
14.this material is used to make water bottles
15.decreasing the amount of plastic in the landfill will decrease the amount of ___ in the landfill.
17.this is the process in which the plastic is burned at high temperatures.
18.the ___ tells us what the item is made of and how it can be reused
19.this is where the plastic is dumped to
20.this is used to help burn the plastics.
2.recycling is also more energy ___ in terms of making new items
3.many states passed laws on having plastic bags in a grocery store
4.recycling plastic reduces many of the ___ that goes in the atmospherere
5.when plastics are ____ they made into a lower form.
9.when plastic is burned then it gives of a harmful chemical called.
10.if the plastic is in good condition then it can be ___
11.government programs such as eco-friendly ____ help inform people on plastic recycling
13.how many steps are there to sorting plastics
16.this is one of the gases that is produced during incineration.

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