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The Chocolate war

Joseph Smejkal

1 2 3          
5   6     7                   8
  10   11
12             13 14                
  15   16    
17 18                    
23 24             25
26               27  
30           31            

2.Name of the high school
5.Treasurer of the Chocolate sale
7.Where Obie works
9.Blackmail used on Emile (2 Words)
12.The Goober
14.Archie word he uses when he likes something
17.New teacher
19.Person that won first place last year
20.Place of The Goober's assignment (2 Words)
21.Person that refuses to sell chocolate
22.Title of book (3 Words)
24.Person that "didn't play by the rules"
26.Person's car that Emile is siphoning gas from
28.Person that Brother Leon accused of cheating
29.Answer that Jerry gives when asked how many chocolates he sold
30.President of The Vigils
31.Person that Carter punched
1.Girl that jerry wanted to meet
3.Jerry's last name
4.Secretary of The Vigils
6.Person who hates Brother Leon with vengeance
8.Number of chocolate boxs (2 Words)
10.Where Jerry's father works (2 Words)
11.Object that provided control in The Vigils. (2 Words)
13.Way Archie gave Jerry to sell chocolates
15.Word that sent the classroom in to pandemonium
16.The author (2 Words)
18.Jerry's art teacher
23.Master mind behind The Vigils
25.Teacher of room nineteen
27.Person that recruited The Vigils to help

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