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The Sign of the Beaver

Blunderbuss Passel Flint Incomprehensible Boggy Daubed Tuft Wary Ordeal Grudgingly Dumfounded Muster Day Cascades Goaded Glinting Pewter Poised Ramshackle Disgruntled Inflict

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3.To feel resentful or envious about someone's success.
4.A container or utensil made of such an alloy.
5.The annual day for enrollment in the military of all able men aged 18 to 45.
6.A piece of this is especially used for striking fire.
9.Anything that pricks or wounds like such a stick.
12.A waterfall descending over a steep, rocky surface.
13.An insensitive, blundering person.
15.To impose anything unwelcome.
18.Displeased and discontented; sulky; peevish.
20.To spread on or over something.
1.A severe or trying experience.
2.Impossible to understand or comprehend.
7.To make speechless with amazement or to astonish.
8.A group or quantity of no fixed number.
10.Loosely made or held together; rickety; shaky.
11.A tiny, quick flash of light.
14.Wet and spongy.
16.A cluster of short-stalked flowers, leaves, etc., growing from a common point.
17.Composed, dignified, and self-assured.
19.Being on one's guard against danger.

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