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Light (Xavier and Mike)

Xavier and Mike

About the many features of light we have learnt during school yesterday.

1       2 3 4
6                             7  
      11                 12    
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    18       19          

1.the title of the crossword.
6.the angle of the ray bouncing off mirror
8.an object we've been using to reflect light.
9.(I can see a ________ of myself.)
11.the ray before it bounds off the mirror. (add space in word)
13.light is a form of electro_________ radiation.
14.you can direct light with this material. material of a mirror.
15.opposite to cool (4 letter word, no space)
17.we breathe this (this does have something to do with light XD)
18.a scope that reflects light. (a pipe that is used in submarines)
20.light is useful. for _______...
21._____ of light is faster than the _____ of sound.
2.doesn't let light inside, so you can see image from distance. it is another scope. (It is not pinhole camera or binoculars!)
3.the angle of the ray before bounding off mirror.
4.a camera that turns the image upside down. (add space in word)
5.opposite of light
6.it is the ray that bounces of the mirror. (add space in word)
7.light travels at 300,000 ______ per second.
10.the bending of light.
12.light is a form of what?
13.refracted light travels from one ______ to another.
16.travels in ______ lines.
19.luminous objects are a _____ of light.

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