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Cooking terms

Leia Blazek

This is a crossword puzzle for a middle school summer school cooking class.

1       2 3
5 6
8             9
  10       11  
12         13   14
15       16    

1.to fold dough toward you and push it away making dough smooth and stretchy
4.put food no the refrigerator until it is cold
7.cook food quickly in a small amount of oiul over high heat, stirring all the time
8.spread the bottom and sides of a pan with shortening, margarine ot butter to keep food from sticking to it
10.put a lid over food
12.rub an ingredient against the big holes on a grater to cut into long skinny pieces
15.cook a liquid in a saucepan until big bubbles rise and break on the surface
17.cook food in the oven
2.pour liquid or let it run off through holes in a strainer
3.put food on the counter until it is no longer warm
4.cut food into small pieces
5.put food in the freezer until it is frozen and hard
6.cook food until it look sbrown on the outside
8.rub an ingredient against the smallest holes on a grater
9.to put a solid ingredient in a saucepoan and turn it to a liquid by heating on the stove
11.press a ball of dough into a flat rectangle or circle, using a rolling pin.
12.starting at one end, cut food into flat, skinny pieces
13.cut off outer skin of fruits or veggies
14.stir ingredients with a spoon
15.make a mixture smooth by stirring fast with a fork, whisk egg beater or electric beater
16.mix ingredients by lifting them with two spoons or forks and letting them drop back into the bowl

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