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Dirty H20

Tony Okina

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2.natural nutrient enrichment of a body of water
9.contamination of an aquifer or other ground water sources
15.broad and diffused areas, from which pollutants enter bodies of surface water or air
16.federal law to ensure safe drinking water for the public
17.example of organic water pollutants
18.underground source where water can be pumped from a well
19.source of oxygen that is essential in bodies of water
20.one of the most polluted rivers in the world, located in India
1.national drinking water standards
3.indicator of water pollution
4.an example of a point source of pollution
5.established goal of eliminating toxic substances from water
6.any chemical, biological, or physical change in water quality that harms living organisms or makes water unsuitable for desired uses
7.third biggest source of water pollution
8.input of plant nutrients to a lake, usually involving nitrates and phosphates
10.causes major changes in condition of water
11.example of nonpoint source of pollution
12.this is the leading cause of water pollution
13.discharge of pollutants at specific locations through places like drain pipes, ditches, or sewer lines
14.an example of inorganic water pollutants

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