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AA History

Mitch S.

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1.the "architect of the General Service Confernce" as dubbed by Bill W.
5.gift that has been proven to be far more valuable than money
9.first known as the "Twelve Points to Assure our Future
10.Monthly periodical starting in June 1944
11.Dr. Bob's wife
14.Name of the radio show in 1939 that promoted AA
15.Organization that Bill tried to solicit for AA funding
17.Place that Bill W. did his writings
2.AA's first Archivist
3.Home that Bill and Lois came to reside
4.name of the Publishing Company created to produce the Big Book
6.First National Anonymity break was by?
7.Place of 150 International Convention
8.name of the hotel that Bill W. made his call for drunks
9.name of the Hospital that Bill W. was treated for alcoholism at
12.location of their last residence
13.name of woman that answered Bill W's call for drunks
16.Name of the street Bill and Lois lived on in early sobriety

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