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The Bluest Eye

Sabrina Williams

1 2       3 4
5             6   7  
  8             9                
11             12                
    14               15          
19                 20              
24                   25          
27       28        

2.The BreedLoves believe that they are_______.
5.Lies and says that Pecola killed the family cat
8.The person who burns down Pecula's home
11.Says, “it’s much, much, much too late.”
12.Junior's cat has black fur and ________ eyes.
13.Pecola is speaking to her __________ friend at the end of this novel.
14.Enjoys Arranging things
19.Frieda and Claudia try to earn money for a new _________.
20.Cholly is a cruel and _________ man.
21.Pecola gets ___________ by her father.
24.one theme of this novel
25.Pecola no longer goes to ________.
26.Pecola's brother
27.Pecola wonders what ______ is like.
28.Lies to Frieda and Claudia about the Prostitutes
1.Is molested by her father
2.Pauline Knows that Pecola is _______ when she is born, but accepts her.
3.Claudia's house is infested with ________.
4.Calls Pecolas mother by her first name.
6.The main character of this novel
7.Is a pedophile
9.The Breedloves Are ________ and _________.
10.Frieda and Claudia are selling ________ seeds
11.Kills 3 white men
12.Maureen is accused of being _________.
14.The new girls name .
15.Cholly has a __________ problem.
16.Rescues Pecola when she is being teased in chapter 4.
17.The family that's in custody of Pecola
18.Pecola wants ________ to make her beautiful
22.Is raped by Cholly
23.Who Pecola goes to visit in chapter 2

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