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Stellar Terms

Mrs. Tripp

Solar System and Space Unit Crossword Puzzle

1 2 3        
6               7
8 9              
    10 11
13       14 15         16

2.The _______ space program was designed to land humans on the Moon.
4.The spinning of the Earth on it's axis.
5.The path the Earth takes as it revolves around the sun is its _________.
6.A dark area on the photosphere of the Sun, created because of cooler spots.
8.All planets, stars, dust, gases, and energy, or everything that exists is called the _________.
12.The Sun's atmosphere.
13.The main distinction between a ______ planet and a planet is that planets have cleared the path around the sun.
15.In the moon cycle, as the moon appears to get smaller, this is the _______ period.
17.The distance light travels in one Earth year is called a ______-year.
18.The Sun and the eight planets make up the _______ System.
19.The Earth's ______ causes it to have different seasons.
1.To travel in a closed path around on object such as the Earth does around the Sun.
3.As a ________ grows in mass, its temperature rises until it begins to glow.
7.An imaginary line that passes through the Earth's center and its North and South Poles.
9.A star begins within a huge cloud of hydrogen, helium , and tiny dust particles and is called a _______.
10.A cluster or group of stars, gas, and dust is called a _______.
11.In the moon cycle, as the moon appears to get larger, this is the _________ period.
14.A solar _____ is a brief burst of energy from the Sun's photosphere.
16.When a star expands to 100 times or more its original size it is called a red ________.

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