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Weather and Water 2


1         2           3
6         7    
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1.an example is ice
2.cotton ball locking clouds
5.any water below the surface
6.found dividing mass/volume
9.what happens when water vapor collects
10.when water vapor comes down as rain of snow
12.when all the water from rivers and streams colect
15.an example off this is touching a hot pot and burning yourself
17.any kind of current (air of water)
1.low gray flat clouds
3.when rain flows down a hill
4.what is how much space something has inside it
5.a form of this is water vapor
7.what is it called when water vapor comes off trees
8.what form of heat transfer does not involve touching
11.when liquid water turns to water vapor
13.how much room an object takes up
14.a mass that fills the space its in
15.what are small wispy clouds high in the sky
16.huge dark clouds related to thunderstorms

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