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Body Systems Pz 2


1               2 3         4 5
6 7      
  14                   15

1._________ Located or toward the back of the body.
3._________ A substance that speeds up a chemical change.
9.__________ Toward the head.
11.______________ Muscles we are not in control of.
14.___________ A tissue which holds organs in place, holds the body together, and forms the framework of the body, sheaths the muscles, and connects muscles to bones and bones to joints.
17._____________ Away from the centre of the body.
18.The ___________ system is involved in the movement of the body and its parts.
19._______ The part farthest from the centre of the body.
20.__________ Divides a space or cavity, lines a cavity.
2._____________ We do this to remove carbon dioxide from cells.
4.____________ Appears in sheet-like arrangements of cells that form the outer layer of the skin.
5.___________ muscles we are in control of.
6._________ A blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.
7._________ Non- malignant; also means not serious.
8.To ____________ is to altar the function in such a way that the body can still carry on.
10.___________ Additional growth, like a side branch of a blood vessel or nerve.
12.__________ Tissues that are involved in a control of activities, stimulation, and sensations of the body.
13.___________ Toward the lower aspect.
14._______ The basic unit of body structure.
15.__________ A conition lasting a long time.
16.A body caity provides housing and protection for ________ organs.

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