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Forensics Puzzle

Jhon Pacheco, Pedro Luna

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3.determines time of death and cause of death
5.must a least one delta and one or more ridges that enter and leave on the same side
7.any compound made only of Hydrogen and Carbon
8.Projectile propelled from a firearm
10.The long, metal tube that guides a projectile out of a firearm.
13.Study of bullets and firearms.
14.The end of the barrel, where the projectile exits a firearm.
16.The father of toxicology
18.refers to physical evidence that is found at a crime scene in smal but measurable amounts
20.Temporary stiffness of muscles after death
23.rapid combination of oxygen with another substance, accompanied by light and heat
25.examines teeth to identify victims and bite marks
26.an examination of a body after death, usually to determine the cause of death
27.useds insects to determine time of death
28.intentionally setting a fire to cause damage or destroy evidence of another crime
29.A measure of the diameter of the cartridge and the diameter of the inside of the barrel.
30.determines the presence of drugs and poisons in the tissue, blood, urine, and other body fluids
1.A weapon capable of firing a projectile using a confined explosive.
2.the original location of a crime or accident
4.a finger print that makes a spiral
6.motive and pattern of a criminal
9.Path of the propelled bullet.
11.Leaves a pattern on the bullet that is unique.
12.Deoxyribonucleic acid
15.examines human remains and helps to identify the victim use their bones
17.Cooling of the body after death
19.Settling of blood to the lowest points in the body after death
21.investigates sudden, unexplained or violent deaths
22.any matterial used to start of sustain a fire
24.A case that holds a bullet, primer powder, and gunpowder.

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