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vocab 7

Harley Guachichulca

1           2     3
5   6                
  7               8 9

1.Do the right thing, not the ____ thing.
4.He responded to reporters' questions with ____ answers.
6.The windows give the church an ____ glow.
7.They felt it was necessary to ____ his letters before publishing them.
11.The criminals have so far managed to ____ the police.
12.We were shocked at the ____ of the crime.
13.They were given ____ instructions.
14.The kind of ____ that comes from having too much time on one's hands and too little will to find something productive to do
2.The proposed factory shutdown would only ____ our unemployment problems.
3.The most ____ people in medical research attended the conference
4.Using “eliminate” as a ____ for “kill”
5.the prestigious prep school prides itself on being widely regarded as the ____ of tradition and old-fashioned values
8.He ____ himself in front of the television.
9.I ____ you to help me.
10.The new theory has been ____ by many leading physicists.

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