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Vocab 11

Harley Guachichulca

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9           10        

1.He has an ____ disposition.
5.He was completely ____ at sports.
7.She has made an ____ decision.
9.an ____ explorer who probed parts of the rain forest never previously attempted
11.an ____ spirit was needed to endure the rigors of pioneer life
12.an overbearing, bullying boss who is fond of sending ____ e-mails to long-suffering assistants
13.Most people with this ____ disease have no idea that they are infected.
2.He has remained ____ in his opposition to the proposal.
3.a ____ man who could make the most serious people smile
4.The soup was rather ____ .
6.the ____ rise of a political movement
8.____ planning now can prevent problems later.
9.Rising rivers could ____ low-lying areas.
10.She is ____ and irresponsible.
11.He told a few ____ jokes.

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