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Body Systems - Nervous System (NS)


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4.The brain is divided into ________ parts.
7.The main function of the ___________ is to regulate and coordinate body movements.,
8.The cerebral cortex is the area where ________, memory and speech , vision and hearing is controlled.
9.All the nerves that lead to and from the brain or spinal cord make up the __________ NS.
10.___________ are short fibres that bring messages to the cell.
13.One function of the NS is to cause muscles and glands to _______ to info.
14.Some nerve fibres are wrapped in a sheath of fatty material.
16.The cerebral cortex starts and stops all ____________ movements.
17.The NS _________ info to the brain for processing.
18.The _________ is a long fibre that carries messages away from the cell to the dendrites of other neurons or to muscles or glands.
1.The brain __________ is an extention of the spinal cord.
2.The brain and spinal cord make up the __________ NS.
3.The NS is the ____________ system of the body.
5.The cerebrum is divided into two _____________.
6.___________ bring messages to the cell.
11.Certain types of nerves are called pain ____________.
12.The outer most layer of the cerebrum is the grey mater called the cerebral ________.
15.The __________ is the basic unit of the NS.

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