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Understanding Me

Wendy Amid

3         4 5 6 7  
  12   13  
14                       15  
18 19                  

3.White liquid produced by males and contains sperm.
8.The sex that can ejaculate.
9.When sperm joins with an egg.
10.The male cell that fuses with an ovum.
14.The release of semen from the penis.
16.When usually a female from teens until middle age bleed from the womb about once a month.
18.Conceiving when an egg is fertilized by sperm.
1.Exchanging information about going through puberty.
2.When the male and female have sexual intercourse.
3.A feeling of pride in yourself.
4.The passage that leads from the vulva to the womb.
5.The part of the male body that has sexual intercourse with.
6.The sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs.
7.A common term of menstruation.
11.The time between being a child and being an adult
12.Fully developed or grown
13.Two glands in the scrotum.
15.A female reproductive organ in which ova or eggs are produced.
17.The time when a young person is developing physically into an adult.
19.The organ in the lower body of a female mammal where offspring is conceived.

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