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Holes Vocabulary 1-3

Mrs. Devaney

Use the vocabulary words from sections 1-3 to find the word that fits the sentence.

1             2
5 6 7  
9     10              

1.Stanley is not an adult; he is a _____.
3.Sam likes to _____ things with onions to help people feel better.
4.The first day Stanley digs holes, his face makes a _____ because he is in pain.
9.The first thing Stanley finds in the hole is a rock that has _____.
12.Stanley writes letters to his mom on _____ she bought for him.
2.Zero is _____ nice to Stanley because he wants help learning to read and write.
5.The lake has no water, it is _____.
6.The _____ of the sun makes the boys really hot while they dig.
7.The _____ on the couch in the big room at Green Lake is ripped and dirty.
8.The boys' hands are ______ from shoveling every day.
10.The weather at Green Lake is _____.
11.The rattlesnake has _____ that is poisonous when it is wet.

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