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Our Solar System

1   2       3
5               6
  7 8 9              
10           11          
        12     13   14            
  15                 16  
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  21   22                        
        25       26
27   28                      

1.Neptune's largest moon
5.number of degrees of Uranus' axial tilt from the vertical
8.name of Pluto's moon
10.the spacecraft that provided new information about the rings of Saturn
12.largest volcano in the solar system
15.Saturn's largest moon
18.a planet's year is determined by it period of __________
22.one of the most common greenhouse gases
23.one of two recent rovers on the surface of Mars
24.small cratered planet named for the messenger of the gods
25.Earth's Twin
28.shape of of Pluto's orbit
29.Mars has seasons because of its ____ axis.
30.Uranus's blue-green color comes from traces of this gas in its atmosphere
31.a continuous storm on Jupiter is responsible for this telltale feature of the planet
2.frozen water and carbon dioxide are found in these Martian features
3.the larger of Mars' two moons that is slowly spiraling to its surface
4.largest moon in the solar system
6.clouds on Venus are mostly droplets of _____
7.massive members of the solar system without solid surfaces
9.sun-centered model of the universe
10.planet whose day is longer than its year
11.a planet's day is determined by its period of ________
13.planet with the greatest range of temperatures
14.irregularities in the orbit of this planet led to the discovery of Neptune
16.retention of heat caused by thick gaseous atmosphere
17.this chemical compound give Mars its red color
19.the planet described as cold, blue and shrouded in clouds
20.small, dense, rocky (plural)
21.phase of water on Earth's surface that is unique in the solar system
26.the Great Dark Spot on Neptune was caused by a(n)________
27.god of the underworld and a dwarf planet

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