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jake grafton

1 2
  3 4           5    
    6 7    
10           11              
13   14           15                
17                 18      

4.figure of speech that makes references to people, place. etc.
8.visually descriptive
9.ftwo words together that contradict eachother
10.repitition of particular sound
13.describing with "like" or "as"
15.exageration with words
16.non living thing that is described with human emotion
17.natural speech (2 Words)
18.overall quality of musical or vocal sound
1.pattern of movement or sound
2.saying something thats not possible (2 Words)
3.phrase that is overly understated. ex. There are 2 people in the world.
5.sounds words like " boom"
6.repeating words, or phrase
7.object that represents a meaning
11.words that rhyme (2 Words)
12.expressing emotion through lyrics
13.group of about 3-5 lines, like a small paragraph
14.the mood of the poem, " happy, sad"

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