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Crossword number one

Doktor Riktor Von Zhades

Just some words, names, of places and things, and people.

1     2
3 4 5   6
7                     8          
10   11       12 13   14 15 16        
  17     18                    
19                   20              
    21 22                   23 24            
25                           26
    28       29   30              
32     33     34    
35                 36          
        39 40               41
  42 43                    
44                     45           46
48         49     50   51    
52         53   54       55  
    56       57    
59       60    

1.what one shears on a sheep
7.the opposite of vertical
8.As is our own Milky Way
11.Computer programming language
15.under ground trains
19.architectural instructions
20.Confederate General
22.John, Paul, George and Ringo
24.The material girl
25.The Duke
27.212 degrees or what one reaches when angry
28.a person that is passing or traveling through a place; one without a settled habitation
35.No longer in use or gone into disuse
37.what belches out smoke
38.an injury
39.a follower of Jesus
43.What the police need to search a home
44.Eisenhower's VP
45.A writing directed or sent to a person or persons; a written communication; a letter,applied usually to formal, didactic, or elegant letters.
48.13 makes a baker's___
49.compassionate treatment of an offender or adversary; clemency
52.Wandering from moral rectitude; perverse; dissolute
54.A TV comedy show
58.the opposite of dark
59.kermit is one
60.Daughters of the American Revolution
2.A pack carrying animal in Peru
3.a rolling stone gathers none of this
4.He crossed the Delaware
5.The greatest apostle
6.4th president of the United States
9.A small city in western Kentucky
10.a communication device
12.God's gift of redemption
13.Captain of the Enterprise
14.the study of insects
16.Old Ironsides
17.Musical counting device
21.Union General
23.main author of the Federalist Papers
26.To make or set right
29.what one wears to be shod
30.To exert one's self; to work for a certain end.
31.Simon Templar
32.A card game played by one's self
33.Bronx Bombers
34.a chair that leans back
36.another word for tornado
40.another word for a seaport
41.a container for liquids
42.What is made by practice
46.to hold in high honor
47._____ the Barbarian
51.A handmade blanket
53.a short sleep
55.the last letter of the ancient Greek alphabet
57.A vocal range

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