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1       2     3 4
    5 6          
9                 10      
  14       15
  17       18      
20         21           22  
23 24              

1.The city where they live
6.Son of Walter
7.What was the commity the guy from the new neighborhood was from
8.They were waiting for this to come in mail
9.who was sending the youngers what they wanted in the mail
11.Head of the house
12.Most of the story takes place here
13.what did walter want to invest the money into?
14.Wife of walter
16.the sister of walter
17.The place where Walter goes to drink
19.The value of mama's husband(number)
20.who ran off with walters money
21.what made ruth feint?
24.the value of the drink mama paid for walter
25.Guy who Walter's sister didnt want to date
26.The guy from the commity
27.Not from the USA
2.the race of Walter and his family
3.The merging of cultural traits from previously distinct cultural groups, not involving biological amalgamation
4.Son of mama
5.What did mama do with the money?
8.Walter breaks this with hand
10.Travis gift to mama
15.Calls Walter's sister this
18.last name of Walter and his family
22.Wants Walter's sister to move here
23.what type of news did the commity bring?

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