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1 2
4                 5 6  
8     9    
10                         11   12  
13       14                
  15   16                      
17                   18    
        19     20              
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26               27           28    
  29   30     31           32

3.A city on the Garonne River in southwest France
4.A name created by Robert Mondavi to describe dry Sauvignon Blanc. (2 Words)
7.Wine made from frozen grapes
10.A red grape common to Bordeaux (2 Words)
14.Exposed to too much air.
16.650-liter Burgundy barrels
17.A large bottle holding 3-5 litres
19.Not the temperature outside
20.A red grape popular in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy
21.A white grape planted throughout the world; increasingly the signature wine of New Zealand. (2 Words)
22.A wine designation in Germany and Austria.
24.A term used to describe an extremely crisp, acidic wine that was not aged in barrels.
26.A unit measuring the duration of the wine's flavor on the palette.
27.Grayish-purple grape that yields a white wine. (2 Words)
29.A juicy, flavorful red wine made from Gamay grapes grown in the region of the same name
33.A fragrant, powerful white grape grown in the Rhone Valley of France and elsewhere.
34.One of the top white grapes in the world.
2.The science of fermentation in wine.
5.A French term used to describe the driest Champagnes
6.A district within a German wine region
8.A red grape native to Tuscany
9.French sparkling wine not made in the Champagne region.
11.A white grape popular in Alsace, Germany, and elsewhere. (2 Words)
12.A large wine-producing region in northern Italy.
13.French term for the hillside or slopes of one contiguous hill region.
15.Something to tickle the nose
18.Smells can be of thyme, lavender, rosemary, oregano, fennel, or basil
23.A dessert wine made in Hungary from dried Furmint grapes.
26.Pronounced 'Cloh'
28.The process of rotating Champagne bottles in order to shift sediment toward the cork
29.Taste descriptor for hefty, Herculean red wines
30.A vinegary smell
31.A term used to describe woody aromas and flavors; butter, popcorn

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