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1 2
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  6   7 8  
11                   12        
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23       24   25       26

4.stupid person
5.moral or legal obligation
9.Spanish verse form in which each stanza consists of four lines, each with eight syllables, and a rhyme scheme abba
10.pleased or delighted
11.form of baseball played with a larger, softer ball
12.palm-sized device used to select items on a computer screen
14.Rocky pbjects revolving around the sun that are to small and numerous to be considered planets
17.army officer of any of the five highest ranks
19.toweling of linen or cotton, of a distinctive absorbent weave
21.person or thing that sands or sandpapers
23.National Aeronautics and Space Administration
24.tenure of land held by the tenant in performance of specified services or by payment of rent, and not requiring military service
27.movement in which the knees are bent while the back is held straight
28.to climb; ascend; mount
29.having an earthy, blues-based character, as jazz
1.he top end of a timber, rising above the deck and serving for belaying ropes
2.designed to minimize the chance of an allergic reaction
3.tall aquatic plant made into a kind of paper by the ancient Egyptians
6.soft, visorless cap
7.employee whose main duty is running errands
8.small dough envelope filled with mashed potato, meat, cheese, or vegetables, crimped to seal the edge and then boiled or fried, typically served with sour cream or onions
10.pain in the upper part of the head
13.military unit forming part of a division
16.to understand thoroughly and intuitively
18.to search thoroughly (through)
20.egg-sized brown fruit with edible green pulp
22.the line about which something turns
25.the call of a hen
26.ceremonial dinner that commemorates the Exodus from Egypt and includes the reading of the Haggadah and the eating of symbolic foods, generally held on the first night of Passover by Reform Jews and Jews in Israel and on both the first and second nights by
27.dramatic work or performance

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