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1   2           3 4     5            
7                 8                      
10                                 11
      12 13
14   15        
16 17     18                        
24           25        

1.An equation that is true for all values
4.An equation stating that two ratios are equal
6.A function whose graph is unbroken (2 Words)
7.A relation for which each input has exactly one input
8.A real number associated with every square matrix
10.Output variable in an equation in two variable (2 Words)
18.An equation that has no solutions
19.Input variable in an equation in two variable (2 Words)
20.A comparison of two numbers by division
22.Mapping or pairing, of input values with output values
23.Two lines in the same plane that intersect to form a right triangle
24.Output value of a relation
25.Ratio of vertical change(rise) to horizontal change(run) for a nonvertical line
2.Mathemical statement that two expression are equivalent
3.A rectangular arrangement of numbers in rows and columns
5.Relationship between two variables in which both variables move in tandem (2 Words)
9.Simplest function with the defing characterisitics of the family (2 Words)
11.Input values of a relation
12.A graph made by plotting ordered pairs in a coordinate plane to show the correlation between two sets of data (2 Words)
13.or slide, is a transformation that moves each piont in a figure the dame distance in the same direction
14.A function whose graph consists of seperate points (2 Words)
15.Y= mx+b (2 Words)
16.change in the position,size, or shape of a figure.
17.comparison of how much one quantity changes, or averages, relative to the change in another quanity (3 Words)
21.Two lines in the same plane that do not intersect

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