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Looking for a Job page 154

Conversation Class 05/29/2013

2           3            
5             6      
  9               10
12   13     14   15            
18                   19        

2.I saw a help ___ sign in the window.
3.I got a ___ ___ from my friend about a deal on a car.
5.The ___ shift is the night shift.
7.I look on ___ List for anything to buy or sell.
8.I got a 4-week ___ job at the employment agency.
9.CA's ___ wage is $8.00.
11.I am ___ because I can speak two languages.
13.A ___ greets me at a hotel.
16.A ___ is the president of a company.
18.I ___ about the pay and hours.
19.I need ___ reference letters to apply for the job.
20.I asked the manager: Are you ___?
1.I put my education and ___ on my resume.
2.It's the easiest to find a job by ___ of ___.
4.The bulletin board on the door has five ___.
6.I ___ a fabulous restaurant to my neighbor.
10.I talked to the employment ___ in G-3.
11.I checked the ___ board at the laundromat for a room for rent.
12.The manager told me the pay ___ on my experience.
14.An ___ level job needs no experience.
15.I looked ___ the classifieds for a sales position.
17.I found a job ___ in the classifieds.

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