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Angels and Demons Crossword

James Stumpo

1 2 3 4   5      
6                   7
9   10                  
12             13   14
16         17  

3.Scientist who started the illuminati
6.The scared time when cardinals elect a new pope
8.The last name of the symbologist from Harvard
10.The book where Galileo revealed the way to the path of illumination
11.The person responsible for many deaths, and the stealing of the antimatter
12.La lingua pura
15.The artist who constructed the path of illumination
16.Last of illuminati brands on path of illumination
19.Earth, air, fire, water are ll illuminati ______
20.First of illuminati brands on path of illumination
1.Let ____ guide you on your lofty quest
2.165 of them, who elect for the next pope
4.Second of illuminati brands on path of illumination
5.Secret brotherhood of scientists against the church
7.The new pope
9.The second in command in the Swiss Guard
13.Last name of scientist who created antimatter
14.The most spectacular of the Illuminati brands
17.God's house, and a place of worship
18.Third of illuminati brands on path of illumination

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