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ACT Puzzle #6

Captain Torture

Think of all the extra points you will earn on your class essays when you use some of these terms correctly!

1       2 3
  4   5 6
7                   8
    9 10                
11 12                      
14   15                      
16           17   18          

1.having a foul odor
10.evil, unpricipled
11.displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints
15.noisy, unruly
16.intellectually convincing
18.lethargic, dormant
19.to seize by force, take possession of without right
20.characterized by sick sentimentality
2.to laugh at mockingly, scorn
3.miserly, stingy
4.truthfullness, accuracy
5.incapableof being appeased or mitigated
6.eagerness speed
8.easily intelligible, clear
9.derogatory, uncomplimentary
12.casually rude, insolent, impertinent
13.to support, to hold up
14.to shun or to avoid
17.weakly sentimental

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