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Prefix hyper- pages 111-112

Advanced Class 05/29/2013

2 3                            
5                             6                
    11   12      
14                     15    

3.A disorder caused by an overly productive thyroid gland is ___.
4.I get a heat rash quickly, so I am ___ to the heat.
5.To breathe rapidly and deeply is to ___.
6.The music is so loud that my head is going to explode is a ___.
8.A mother-in-law, teacher and wedding planner can be ___.
13.Abnormally high level of sugar in the blood is ___.
14.I am ___ to headaches because I am hypersensitive to noise.
16.A busy bee, someone who can't sit still, is ___.
18.To injure a body part by bending it beyond normal is to ___.
19.To have blood pressure over what is normal is ___.
1.A disorder that results in a rapid pulse and loss of weight is ___.
2.She felt faint and scared, and started to ___.
4.To be overly emotional and touchy is ___.
5.You regularly need to check your blood glucose if you have ___.
6.Harsh in judgement and hard to please is to be ___.
7.Ice and cold water can alleviate ___.
9.Be careful not to ___ your knee in yoga class, step aerobics and soccer.
10.To be overly busy and energetic is ___.
11.Diet and exercise has decreased my chances of ___.
12.Very high fever and body temperature is ___.
15.An overstated comment or exaggeration is a ___.
17.She was having a ___ attack and hyperventilating.

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