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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

1 2 3
9   10                
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    17 18  

4.Caesar’s wife
5.Caesar fought the civil war against this man before the play opens
7.Roman general and senator, who the people would like to crown king
9.a Roman festival
11.the ringleader of the assassination plot
14.grand-nephew and adopted son of Caesar
15.new member of the triumvirate with Antony and Octavius
19.wife of Brutus
20.friend of Cassius and reason why Cassius kills himself
1.tries to warn Caesar about the conspiracy in a letter
2.an augurer; a fortune-teller, who tells Caesar to beware the Ides of March
3.tells Brutus he is “Thy evil spirit, Brutus”
6.uses his funeral speech to get the Roman people to riot against the conspirators
8.a Roman tribune
10.the scene of the battle between Antony’s Brutus’ forces
12.Cassius’ slave, who assists him commit suicide
13.name for a Roman citizen, one of the common people
16.persuades Caesar to go to the Senate on March 15
17.debates with himself whether or not it is right to kill Caesar
18.poet who is killed by the mob after Antony’s oration

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