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Study Guide 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111


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1.When you create a new message in Mail, the insertion point is positioned in the ____.
6.they can be planned for a specific time and to last for a specific duration
7.The ____ extension indicates a compressed file
10.____ files digitize audio waveform information at a user-specified sampling rate and can be played on any Windows computer that supports sound.
11.The practice of reading messages and not contributing to a chat session is called ____.
12.____ is a technology that provides short-range radio links between PCs, wireless phones, handheld devices, etc.
14.The computer version of a ____ is a software program or hardware device that controls access between two networks.
15.You can use the ____ bar to enter URLs directly into Navigator
18.The combination of a user name and password is sometimes called a(n) ____.
19.To help keep track of their login information for different computers and Web sites, some people use a password ____.
20.If you have installed Acrobat Reader, a browser can use it to display and print files with ____ extensions
21.A(n) ____ is eight bits.Word Clue
22.On most computers, the filename extension of an HTML document is htm & ___
2.In ____, a participant insults or ridicules another participant.
3.The ____ extension indicates an executable program.
4.Which of the following are you most likely to see on the Internet?
5.A Web browser’s ____ bar shows the name of the open Web page and the Web browser’s program name.
8.Graphics files that are in the ____ domain do not present a copyright violation.
9.After going to each hyperlink, you can click the ____ button on your Web browser to return to the results page.
13.numbers and special characters
16.Clicking the ____ button in Internet Explorer loads the same Web page that appears in the browser window again.
17.A site map is a(n) _______ to the pages on a site.

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